Valentine’s Day Postcard

Hello everyone, we hope you’re well and enjoying this freezing cold weather! If you’ve been far too busy to visit the shops or you’ve been waiting for just that little bit of inspiration, this is the blog post for you!

The anniversary of love is upon us… It’s that time of the year when people freak out a little bit trying to work out what to buy for their loved ones. Maybe you’ve only just started kind of dating and it’s technically only been 4 and a half dates OR you’re in the dilemma of having been with someone for so long and they just had their birthday recently and you’re worried if you get them something too small they might think you’re not bothered…

Don’t worry instax believers we’ve got your back for either scenario! This gift is simple, affordable, meaningful & awesome…We are going to make a Valentine’s Day postcard for your lover!

What you will need:

  1. Some blank pieces of coloured card. You can choose whatever colours you like but we’ve chosen red and brown with white to stick on the back so your lovely heartfelt message stands out!
  1. A good old-fashioned glue stick
  1. A special pen that’s going to make your heartfelt message look EVEN BETTER. We’ve chosen a sparkly gold one.
  1. One instax snap. Preferably something to do with your Valentine, but it can just be something that reminds you of them! We’ve taken a picture of a heart on the instax mini 70 (just to show how much we love instax.)
  1. Decorative string or ribbon, just to add something a little fancy


What to do:

Step 1: If you’ve got  A4 pieces of card, cut them down to postcard size. A top tip is to cut your white and red card at the same time so you know that they’re the same size! We’ve also included a little frame for the instax snap using brown card – this just needs to be a little bigger than your chosen instax snap.

Step 2: Let’s make the front of the postcard look epic! Stick your white and red pieces of card together and stick your brown frame (or whatever colour you please) right in the centre of the red piece of card. You can then stick your beloved instax snap right in the centre of your frame! We’ve also added a piece of decorative ribbon to jazz it up a little!

Step 3: Now to move on to the important part…your message on the back! This can be as long or as short as you like. We’ve added a ‘to and from’ section along with a space for the message, just with a pencil and a ruler to make sure that it’s straight! We think that it looks really good to add some colour on the back, so why not use some different colour pens for your writing!

Step 4: Tah Dah…you’re done!! We hope it looks fantastic! We hope the lucky recipient is thrilled! If he or she is comfortable with sharing it (after receiving) we would love to see it! TAG us up on social at @instaxHQ


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