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Good day my instax warriors! 🙂

As today was such a beautiful day I decided to venture to the beach to make an awesome (hoping you agree…) piece of art. Now don’t get me wrong 1 instax photo wide or mini shot can look great, however something that takes a bit more time and energy can give that extra wow factor!



What you want to do first is find a landscape that literally makes that instax obsessed brain of yours think WOW I’M LUCKY TO BE ALIVE and basically a view that makes your jaw physically drop!

Then after scraping off the cobwebs, dirt & sweat from your expedition in finding this crazy view (mine being ice-cream from my face), remove your instax camera from its case like a sword from a sheath and scream your INSTAX battle cry!!!

Ok the battle cry in certain locations may scare some people so just judge it for yourself 😉

Moving on.. In this case I’m using my beloved instax 300 Wide camera as I feel the lens is perfect for landscapes. However don’t worry if you don’t have the instax 300 Wide as this will still work great with all of our other instax cameras.

HOT TIP – as I’ve mentioned before the sun may look lush, but it doesn’t really come out well in our film as it is so much brighter than everything else due to it being a huge burning ball of gas… so maybe don’t have that in the landscape.


Now we need to look at what makes this landscape so awesome, what draws your eye the most? Is it a mountain, is it a pier, is it a boat or is it a haunted mansion which dwells on top of a cliff house by tiny instax Mini 8 ghouls?  Ideally it’s the most interesting or bold part of the landscape, the centre point you choose is very important so think carefully.

In my case it was the West Pier in Brighton.



Time to get snapping! Now hold your instax covered horses (please refrain from covering live horses in instax film as horses can’t say if they love the customisation of themselves or not…) you need to keep your camera level and move it along in a nice straight line, there is quite a bit of guess work involved so take your time.

In terms of number of shots really just depends on how big you want this piece to be. I used 10 shots to make this one.

HOT TIP –  before you leave this wonderful view, check your fully developed photos and make sure you’re happy with them as once you leave… well you won’t be there anymore lol. If some of the shots aren’t perfect don’t worry as you can cleverly cover them up which I will explain in the next step.


Now it’s time to stick your piece together, if you’ve read a few of my blogs before you’ll know that I love using double-sided squares as they’re cheap, easy to use and if you make a mistake you can easily resolve it. I am doing this on the beach so bear with me ha! I am using a piece of cardboard that I tore off an old box, this will be my frame.


Now everyone’s different, I kind of like the arty raw side of having the cardboard visible however you can also cut around the cardboard once you have finished so you can no longer see the cardboard, each to their own 😀  

Spread out the photos and start piecing this jigsaw together, if you have a photo for instance that has something in it that’s not right or you have got a lot of the same shot then use another photo to cover it up or slant a few of the photos and make it all arty.

I have gone for a style where it looks like someone has chucked a pile of photos and they have spread out by themselves. It depends how fussy you are but you will get there trust me!

Congrats on finishing your masterpiece and if you’re happy, which I’m sure you are then stick it on your fridge or give it to a friend and tell them it’s by a famous artist known as… YOU! Then take a snap withya phone and share it with us on the links below with this cheeky hashtag #repostmyinstax and we may even share it ourselves!

Peace & Love from Mr INSTAX! 🙂 
Twitter: @instaxHQ
Instagram: @instaxHQ

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