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The Colour RED


Hey my instax peeps! Today I’m in a colourful mood and the colour I’m feeling is red. So I’ve set myself a task which involves exploring, thinking outside the box and I defo feel you should give it a try if you’re feeling more colourful than a rainbow mixed up with a giant bowl of skittles!

I appreciate that I might be the luckiest guy in the world with all the instax film at my fingertips… so I know you might not want to try every task I set in our blogs, however it does give you lots of ideas and helps to show how endless the creative possibilities are with instax! Now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s get down to the business of how simple yet fun this idea is.

For this creative idea you will need:

  1. Double-sided sticky squares, tape or pegs
  2. 8 shots of instax mini film
  3. A thin metal coat hanger
  4. Your instax camera…  obviously this is essential 😉
  5. 8 red items that you can find outside
  6. Your beautiful brain
  7. A piece of fruit & choccy bar

Ok, so I may if been joking about the fruit & choccy bar but you will thank me when you’re out scavenging for these 8 red random relics.

The idea is to find 8 weird and wonderful things out & about that are red and different… So try not to just go into a clothes shop and take 8 snaps of red clothes as that’s unimaginative and it could make the red item treasure hunt uneventful – who knows you may bump into a long lost friend on your journey 😀


It actually becomes quiet a fun and addictive game.. similar to Pokemon Go but you don’t run out of data…


Here are 20 random suggestions of red things you could snap:

  1. Red Shoes
  2. Red Velvet Cake
  3. Red Hat
  4. Red Brick
  5. Red Rug
  6. Red Straw
  7. Red Strawberry
  8. Red Glass of Squash
  9. Red Playstation Controller
  10. Red Leaved Tree
  11. Red Car
  12. Red Rose
  13. Red Boat
  14. Red Tomato
  15. Red Fish
  16. Red Ice Lolly
  17. Red Guitar
  18. Red Breasted Robin
  19. Red Headed Man/Woman
  20. Red Post Box

REMEMBER: Always ask permission if you can take the photo if someone else is in the picture


Once you have snapped your 8 red rarities you’re now REDy (see what I did there) to display them… 

Place your 8 photos along the bottom of the coat hanger, align & position them the way you think looks best. Then grab your trusty double-sided sticky squares or sellotape and stick the top back of the photo to the metal so it looks like their drying (this makes it look like the good olde old days in the photo labs).

You can always use pegs if you’re fancy enough, the choice is yours! 8 portrait photos fit perfectly along the bottom of your average coat hanger, but if you’ve done more just fit them how you please.

Finally you’re ready to place it somewhere on display to show off your instax talent. You could hang it on your door frame, window frame, on top of a picture frame already hanging up or even any lip that the hook can hang on 😀 (ideally don’t hang it in the wardrobe as no one will see it lol).


Congrats on finishing and if you’re happy, which i’m sure you are then frame it up or stick it on your fridge. Then take a snap with your phone and share it with us on social with this cheeky hashtag #repostmyinstax & we may even share it ourselves!

Peace & Love from 


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