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Less is more – Black and White instax mini film is coming!

So this week, Fujifilm announced that there will be instax mini film Monochrome hitting the streets from October and this has got us VERY excited. Here’s four reasons why you should try black and white.

1. Bring out the contrast

instax-monochrome-04Images with a wide range of tone work well in B+W. Having definite blacks and whites and a lot of contrast looks especially dramatic, and a lack of colour accentuates the highlights and shadows.

2. Bring out the lines

instax-monochrome-02B+W works especially well when the light, textures or lines in a scene are more compelling than the colours.

3. Bring out the emotion

instax-monochrome-03Removing colour helps to focus on your subject’s emotional state. Black and white portraits let you read the subject’s eyes without distraction.

4. Be timeless

instax-monochrome-01Black and white also looks more retro and timeless. Photos of vintage or classic cars, for example, look more authentic in black and white.

instax mini monochrome will be available in October and will work in all instax mini cameras.

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