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All You Need Is Jam

image14Roll up, roll up for another simple, yet super stylish, way to display your instax memories…

Just when you think instax can’t get any cooler, we’ve gone and blended them with the ever so trendy decor craze that is sweeping the nation….yes, the humble jam jar!

Want to know how to keep your instax shots “preserved”? – get it? Preserved? Jam? Because it’s a… okay, no, never mind. Read on for tips on creating your very own instax jam jar!

First of all find yourself a nice big jam jar – or any size really that will fit your shot in.

Next you need to eat all that delicious fruity jam. Why not put it inside a cake? Or serve lashings of it on toast every morning? (Just make sure you look after your teeth after all that sugar!) Once your jar is empty, make sure it’s clean and all labels have been removed.

We used one of the jar-mug thingymabobbys that you drink from so less cleaning for us!

However a wide range of jars can be used, as shown.


Displaying your instax like this is not only a really cool thing for you but it’s also great for the environment too. By up-cycling your jars like this you are helping to reduce the amount of rubbish we put into landfill sites. And, as this display method is essentially free, you’re also able to save your pennies for a rainy day! So more cash to spend on fabulous instax goodies!

So now you’ve got a sparkling clean jar it’s time for the REALLY simple bit: pop your instax shot inside the jar and VOILA!

Your jam jar is ready to display!

You can add more instax to your jar if it’s big enough. Why not get a SUPER HUGE jar and display a wide shot in there? If you use a jar that’s not circular try putting it on its side to display landscape shots or a group pic of all your mates, just like ours that we used!

Go super hipster and mash all the jam jar trends together by adding some battery powered fairy lights to the centre of the jar, with your instax all around it. We used a large clip lock jar for this but you can find all sorts of jars in the supermarket or ready to use ones which are jam-less. Remember jars come in all shapes and sizes and each one is a beautifully different way to show off your favourite instax snaps!

The possibilities really are endless and it’s so easy to switch your photos around! Plus think of all the delicious jar-food you get to eat experimenting with sizes!

Happy snapping folks!



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