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#instaxPROJECTS – Time to get H’Arty’

FullSizeRender-73Ahoy there me instax mateys!

Currently I am on tour with the #instaxVW spreading the instax love however I have found some time to show you guys a very simple but insanely loveable project you can do at home! I’m gonna show you how to make a collage but not just any collage, a heart shaped collage… thats right I bet that got your heart pumping haha.

(I have decided to make this at a friends apartment whilst on tour as the wind and the animals keep trying to eat my creations!)

All you need is:

@ A pack of double sided sticky squares (you can get these from most craft shops or at Tiger which sell a pack of 100 for just £1… don’t worry  you wont need to use all of these LOL)

@ A piece of thick cardboard (not flimsy cereal packet cardboard) large as you want the heart to be! (don’t worry if the cardboard is creased or dented as this will be covered up)

@ Scissors and a pen

@Finally your favourite instax photos or if you have an INSTAX SHARE printer then get printing. (the number of instax photos all depends on how big your heart is… not your human heart I mean you instax heart HAHA… goodness I’m funny!

What Next?

Step 1. Get your piece of cardboard… I may of borrow my friends cardboard box as she is moving… I don’t think she will be happy that 1 of her boxes only has 3 sides… but who has that many towels and bath mats.. seriously! Anyway where was I, get your card board piece and lie it flat on a surface. If you’re cutting a cardboard box like I did please be careful.. oh nooo I sound like my mum.

Step 2. You’re now going to draw a heart shape, now don’t panic if you’re like me and rubbish at drawing. Just draw the best heart you can do and I guarantee one half will come out right. If you nail it and it’s perfect then check you out LA DE DA, if you mess up like I did then all you do is fold the heart in the centre and cut around the good half and remove the other half’s excess… I appreciate cardboard when you actually need it is difficult to find but after cutting for a while you will get there, trust me  😀 Once you are happy with your imperfect but beautiful heart you are now ready to stick!

#HOT TOP TIP – If you really screw up the heart don’t worry! You can use the instax photos to overhang on the edges that need filling in

Step 3. Go crazy… well don’t go too crazy as you will start to see it’s kinda like a jigsaw.. but I have faith in you. You certainly want to cover up all of the cardboard that is visable or it won’t look very nice. If you place the portrait shots round the side and landscapes in the middle it work quite nicely. (Not everyone may have a signed instax by the one and only @OSCARSCHELLER but I do :P) You probably will get a few instax corners poking out but it will still look cool!

Good luck everyone! May the odds be ever in your favour!

Peace, Mr INSTAX 🙂

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