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Memories – The Best Gift You Can Give?


My Wife And I

Reminiscing on magical moments & magical memories has got to be one of my favourite things in life as I’m sure it is for many of you out there.

All it takes is a track to come on the radio, a perfume from a loved one or a picture from a party and in an instant you are teleported back to that moment in time to enjoy it once more.

That’s what photography is all about – capturing a moment in time whether it be good, bad, happy or sad. It is a truth, a story to be told and a poem all wrapped up into a one-off, one moment picture.

And that is exactly why I love & shoot with the instax cameras – they encourage those ‘one-off’ pictures.


The Happy Couple

The Party

So that brings me to my friend’s engagement party. Well I’d say ‘gathering’ really as it was our first opportunity to see the happy couple and have a glass or two (or three 😉 ) of champagne with them at their home.

Before I left my house I knew that this would be a great time to bring out my instax, and just so you know I use the Mini 90 because of its retro look and for some of the extra fancy bits it has.

So I grabbed the camera and a couple of packs of film and headed out the door excitedly as we hadn’t seen them for a while.

When we arrived we greeted them with those MASSIVE hugs you only save up for special occasions, grabbed a glass of champers and then took this snap (left) of the happy couple.

We then started catching up with all of the other friends as you do at a party. Crying with laughter at jokes, being silly and just.. well having a great time really.


I cannot remember what movie I asked him to recreate – maybe it was Jurassic Park and a T-Rex!

During all of the fun and champers I found that instax cameras are real conversation starters. It’s that retro look & feel mixed with the excitement that comes from watching the print develop. It is in the sus……….pense that draws us in, and when the print has developed, it has a really good quality feel to it.

I also find that the emotions captured in these pictures comes across better than with a digital camera, and I think this comes down to the fact people don’t take the camera seriously so they relax and be themselves.


The Gift

So how do you give the gift of memories? Well if you haven’t guessed it already it’s very simple. Capture moments and pictures of friends and relatives to share with them. Give them the print you have taken so they can keep that memory in their wallet, in their scrapbook of memories or even on their fridge (using fridge magnets).

Share your photos with them and I’m sure you will get that warm fuzzy feeling we normally get around Christmas time, the difference is you can do this anytime. Whether it be an engagement party, a wedding, a birthday, an achievement, graduation, end of school or best-friend selfies – these are moments to be captured and most importantly, to be shared.

P.S: I did share these images with my friends – I snapped them on the kitchen worktop whilst I was there 😉

Until next time, happy snapping

Dale 🙂





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