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Get Rid Of Reflections #instaxTIPS

We all love to brag and show off our pretty lil instax snap’s online and especially on Instagram. If we are sharing, then of course we want as much detail captured as possible, and this is mainly done by taking the image in the best possible light (to make you look cooler than Lady Gaga going from A to B on a Zebra).

From trips to the Harry Potter Studios, to the day in the park, lighting in general varies a lot, and this is the biggest thing that affects the instax print when we take a snap on our smartphone (such a random time where we are taking photos of photos but anyway…). I find that the pesky ceiling lights can create a very annoying reflection on the gloss coating of our instax snaps.

So .. The best way of evading this is angles, no not angels – even though if there was a real like instax angel that would be pretty damn cool! If you tilt your instax print at different angles it can make those naughty lil neon reflections disappear. If you also have a friend to hand that can get in the way of the lights this also can work… just depends if your friend is impatient or understands how important the post you’re doing on IG is, not everyone understands our INSTAX OBSESSION!!!

I personally use my iPhone 6S which is very good when it comes to creating the instax window but I have seen people use older models and other phones which work perfectly well.

Happy snapping



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