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Please Sit! #instaxDOG



A lot of you instax-fanatics have messaged about your stunning doggies or animals that you meet and love so much that you wanted to steal them (don’t steal pets as this ain’t cool).

The main question that seems to appear is:

“How on earth do I manage to get these crazy canines to do what I want for a snap?”

Well the fact is animals are unpredictable –  this is why I don’t suggest taking photos of lions as they most likely will have you for their dinner before your instax develops!

If you don’t own a beautiful beast and most of the animals you encounter belong to other humans I have a few tips….. First of all, always check it’s cool taking a photo with the pet owner. If it’s a dog and you let off a flash it may not like that and may attack you like a postman. But if their human has said “Yeah, cool beans take a picture of Steve the Dog” and the dog is moving quite a bit, approach them first and let them sniff you. They might be agitated as they don’t know you, ask the owner for the name of this beloved fur ball and try and get his or her attention using it.

Now wait for that perfect moment…maybe it’s a moment where the doggy is looking to the right as that’s his/her best side, maybe you might catch them mid-smile and they will go viral as “The Happy Instax Dog”, who knows? Maybe they will just sit up and walk away… if that’s the case get the owner involved (everyone’s a winner).

However it’s always a nice idea, if you’re willing to spare an extra photo to give the owner a copy – although I do appreciate that instax doesn’t grow on trees (can you imagine if it did, I would grow so many it would be an instax forest!)


Happy snapping!


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