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Daylight Is Your Best Friend! #instaxTIPS



Hello my wonderful instax obsessors!!

I hope the weather is beginning to look up for everyone, currently I’m sat here in sunny old Brighton wearing just 3 layers so it’s definitely improving…

Now as you can judge from the title of this instax blog I am declaring my undying love for the gift of sunshine, not only does it supply me with a shower of Vitamin-D but it also makes our instax photos come out pretty darn perfect.

HOT TIP NUMERO UNO – Yes the light is our friend, however don’t go overboard. If you have too much sun in your photo (this means having the actual sun behind your subject) it will come out whiter than Casper, no one wants a ghost instax.

TIP NUMERO DOS – If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day, soon as the photo pops out don’t let the sun hit it, if you let it develop in the daylight it’s not a problem, it’s just if the sun is beaming directly on to the photo that it may overdevelop causing it to be very pale.

Happy Snapping!




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