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Cassette LOVE! #instaxDISPLAY


In today’s blog post I’ll be explaining one of the most simple and effective ways of displaying your most precious instax photos.

The majority of you by now have taken a fair few snaps and you’ve stuck them on the wall with a bit of Blu-Tack or bought some specialist frames online….well this new way of presenting photos may just blow your mind!

Have you ever thought about using the cassettes that your beloved 10 shots of film were encased in before they were born??? Well you should!

A few months ago I was sitting on my chesterfield sofa – which by the way is SO uncomfortable but nevertheless looks amazing – and I gazed at the large mound of cassettes (obviously I take too many selfies) that had been gathering on my coffee table. The reason I had kept them was because I knew one day I would recycle and do something with them. I didn’t know what but thoughts ranges from making an instax animal out of them or even build a new sofa which would probably be more comfortable than my current one!

Anyway…back to the point: a light bulb went off and I thought:

“Why can’t I just re-insert one my fave photos into the cassette and use it as a frame?”

I lifted up the thin bit of plastic film that lies at the bottom of the cassette, then carefully slotted the corner of my chosen photo inside and pushed it in. I stood it upright and gazed at how magnificent this framed instax looked. I hadn’t spent a penny (other than the film purchase) and I had a beautiful, perfect fitting, upcycled, retro looking frame. I then thought:


“Could I make this even more sick?!?!” – don’t worry I am not ill – it’s what we kids say when we mean awesome.

 “What if I personalised it?”

So I went in search of a pen when I stumbled upon a label maker I bought a little while back. Initially this purchase was so I could write funny words and place them on my friends clothes when they weren’t looking (teehee). I clicked out the word LOVE, placed it on to the bottom of the cassette and BOOM that’s one fly looking instax!

Now I know this revelation has amazed you and you’re probably hurrying around searching every draw to find an empty instax cassette or shouting at mum to check if the bin men have not already been and picked up the recycling (I hope it was in the recycling or you’re on the naughty list), but I have two words for you: WIDE CASSETTE. 

Yes yes, you can put one wide photo in there but if you’re lucky enough to own an instax share printer (you lucky little devil, you) then why not print off two instax mini photos? Display two pics in one case – you and your other half, a cleverly crafted arty half and half pic, or why not snap two pictures that create a very random scenario like a pic of Nan and a snap of a lion so it looks like she don’t care 2 hoots about a fierce lion being in the same room!

ENJOY my fellow instax lovers.





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