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Using Instax For Fine Art Photography – Shinichi Adachi

instax photo
Shinichi is a ‘Fine Art and Commercial Photographer’ who LOVES  instax.

He has been in love with shooting with the instax camera for a few year’s now.

Shinichi said, “The majority of photoshoots I do are in a studio with models. I am amazed by the colour when taken by studio lights.”

He continued, “The technique I use is very analog. I simply optically sync my big lights using the little flash on the camera. I know this is not a common way of using these cameras but it works for my liking and it gives me interesting results.”

He scans the instax photos with a flatbed film scanner to enable him to share them on his social media channels. Shinichi said, “It is always fun to share them on instagram instantly.”  He also likes to finish a photoshoot with a group instax shot that he can give to the model as a souvenir.

Check out Shinichi’s work on his instagram:

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