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Ok But First, Let Me Take An #instaxSelfie!

We all love a good selfie, even those of you who think it’s lame you secretly love it!

The word ‘SELFIE’ is even in the dictionary….

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.01.37“Let’s be uber cool and take an instax selfie to remember this cray cray partay”


Selfie button

The reason I am yapping on about this is that the Mini 70 actually has a selfie mode! That’s right calm down, seriously your going to hyperventilate!!! Think relaxing thoughts and chill.

How did this happen you ask? Well back when it was only the Mini 8 and other instax family models available,people taking selfies had to guess where their posey faces would appear in the photo, and you never could get it exact.

This is why when the Mini 70 came out in Sept 2015 they made sure it had a selfie mirror and a selfie mode… You might be thinking the selfie button is just an illusion, a button that does nothing other make the user think they are hardcore. Well actually it provides the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for self portraits.

Selfies don’t have to be big headed and lame, maybe you find yourself on an off-the-beaten-track walk in the country stumbling upon a rare unicorn…

OK lets say a magical horse so I don’t get told off for creating hype like spotting Nessie the Loch Ness monster. Of course you want to prove it was you that found this majestic animal, whip out your Mini 70, click that cheeky selfie emoji button and prove all the nonbelievers that you are now best mates with a magical horse




Looks like Mr INSTAX found a unicorn after all


Step 1: Turn your Mini 70 on and click the SELFIE EMOJI

Step 2: Grab a friend and squish their face against yours uncomfortably

Step 3: Make sure your faces are fully in the selfie mirror and your trusty hand strap is round your wrist in case you’re on the edge of the Grand Canyon and drop it (WARNING DO NOT GET TO CLOSE TO THAT EDGE!)

Step 4: Snap and share on Instagram and make some annoying comment to your friends such as WE ARE HAVING THE BEST TIME! (Pokey out tongue emoji)

Have fun selfie lovers!




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