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Graffiti LOVE! #instaxART



Everywhere I go and everywhere I visit, no matter the location or the country I always end up in awe of some of the stunning graffiti I find. I can’t help myself but to take a photo and create what I like to call an “instax window”!

As you can see from most of my photos, colour is a big thing for me – the brighter and the more vivid, the better.


The best way to create a graffiti instax window is to choose graffiti that is interesting and not just a rubbish tag like ‘Steve was ere’. Once you have chosen the perfect wall look for the subject – what I mean by this is the main focal point that you’re going to take an instax of and then the rest of the graffiti will be the digital you take on your phone.



The subject could be an eye of a large head or it could be the body of one of the characters, to be honest, it could be anything. Once you have taken your photo and let it develop (on average you’re looking at 3-4 minutes), then hold it up to what you originally took the photo of. The background should align perfectly with your instax but you might need to move around and try a few different positions until you get it bang on.

Then, voila! – an instax window into our modern world! Try to tag the artist if you put it up on Instagram however most graffiti artists don’t leave their name. 






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