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Instax For Weddings?

Before their wedding, Jenni received a surprise parcel, she knew something was up because Alex was taking photos of her.  This isn’t a common occurrence every time the post comes, they’re weird but not that weird 🙂

instax wedding

Check out the confused look on her face, this is the look Alex gets when he’s doing something stupid. Obviously this time it was because he was taking photos of her.

Alex explained that he’d been talking to Fujifilm instax and telling them about their wedding in Prague. Alex also said he was getting an instax Mini 90 so that they didn’t come back with loads of editing to do. The couple had a professional photographer booked, but they knew they were going to want to take their own at some point! Can’t stop – Won’t stop!

Alex said, “The wedding bundle is pretty cool. You get a Fujifilm instax 300 Wide camera with 60 shots, a guest book with good old fashioned picture corners and a pen. It also comes with a really interesting box – according to our kitten, Beetlejuice.”

instax wedding bundle
They decided  to hand out the cameras to family and friends to take photos throughout the day. Alex carried the instax Mini 90 most of the time in its retro, vintage-looking leather holder. This, along with his suit, made him look very hip – according to the bridesmaids.

instax wedding bundle

Jenni said, “Our favourite pictures from the instax 300 Wide are actually the portraits and group shots. Instax and instant photography is kind of made for standing with your best friends and your family, smiling for the camera and then passing the picture around to laugh at the one person who can’t keep their eyes open.”

instax wide photos

She continued,”That being said, they do make fairly decent landscape pictures too.”

instax wide wedding

The couple love all of their photos from the day and love the nostalgic element of having these tiny photos to examine with a smile on their face. Something you can instantly hold and pass around.

instax wide
Alex said, “The exposure on some of the pictures is kind of crazy, there are a couple of blank faces because of the flash and there are some that are a little dark, but that all adds to the charm and experimental feel of using these cameras, genuinely not knowing what your photo is going to look like.”

instax wide wedding bundle

You can purchase the instax Wide by itself or as part of the wedding pack. The couple recommend this for parties, where you take the photo, put it in the supplied album and your guests can write something nice next to it.

On the day, the instax Mini 90 was their favourite, it fits in with our documentary wedding style. It’s definitely an instax but has a classic camera look, so people are curious but there’s a certain familiarity about it, it’s lightweight, takes 20 photos per film cartridge and has some creative options like double exposure.

instax mini 90

Jenni said, “Honestly, for size, fun and creativity I’d say these cameras are spot on and the fact you can get a cool case for it definitely helps 🙂 ”

Alex said, “I can’t wait to see what they release in the future, and I’m sure we’ll blog about it if they do!
Thanks again Fujifilm. ❤ ”

Want to know more about the instax range? Visit

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