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instax COLLAGE #instaxMODEL

prints of faceFor those of you lucky instax-heads who own a share printer, this blog is for you!

I’m sure you have messed around with lots of things, such as using emojis to make your friends look like they’re inside a video game & adding funny captions… Well here is one thing you may of not have tried before: you can turn any photo into an instax collage.

Now of course it depends how mad you want to be with this but it can be as big as you want it to be. Let’s say you have a photo that you took a while back of your stunning friends on a digital camera (it had better be a Fujifilm X series camera!…. jokes….. no, seriously, it better be).




Step 1: You can use this awesome software called ‘Tiles Photos FX Express’ I use a MAC but I have seen similar software for windows. This software will take one photo and segment it into individual tiles. So for instax you will of course want rectangle size, so when you send these photos to your phone you can just click print on each one individually. Select the row and column number you require – for the photo below I selected 4 by 4 which fit perfectly. Each image will be different, just remember the more similar the size of tiles are to the instax share photos the easier and better it will be.

Step 2: Once you are happy, you want to save the tiled images (don’t tick save with grid) and email them to your phone or drop them in your icloud. As long as you have sent them through and saved them to your phone’s library, you are ready to start printing.

Step 3: As soon as the photos have developed grab some sticky squares and start attaching them together – I am quite particular and like to make sure no sticky squares are visible by sticking them together by over-laying, however it doesn’t matter if you’re going to stick this on the wall or place in a normal frame – you do it so it looks best for you.

There you have it: another awesome way to display your prints!


And here is the finished result!


INSTAX COLLAGE featuring Coco-Deville


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